Sharbat Rooh e Afza

Sharbat Rooh e Afza

Rooh Afza (Hindi: ??? ??????, Bengali: ??? ????, Urdu: ??? ????)

Sharbat Rooh e Afza
Sharbat Rooh e Afza

The reason why Rooh Afza remains the world’s first ever syrup of the common man is that never before was a syrup presented to the people which combined visual beauty with the essence and virtues of other traditional syrups. No effort was spared and no consideration given to the huge expenses involved by the founder of Hamdard in the preparation of a syrup prossessing such a host of qualities. He focused his attention on giving to the public only that which was of a very high standard.

The matchless qualities and merits of Rooh Afza soon brought it to the notice of the people. By its distinctive taste, fragrance and color it began, not only to attract the common people , but also inspired the writers and poets to make it a theme of their creative efforts. The following verses of Sa’il Dehlvi (given here in their English translation) started appearing in Urdu not only in the advertisements of Rooh Afza but also on the wrapper of its bottle.

Rooh Afza is of the extremely awesome product from Hamdard Laboratories. With natural ingredients, Rooh Afza is healthy and refreshing. Summer is a special time to load the fridge with this refreshing sharbat/drink. When you have sudden visitor’s this drink comes as a resuce. There are many ways in making this drink. The common and simple way is to pour 2-3 tbsp of Rooh Afza and add chilled water and ice cubes and serve. Isn’t it easy?

Here is yet another simple and flavourful variation of Rooh Afza, which calls mint juice and lemon juice. Mint leaves are refrigerant, good appetizer and diuretic, where as lemons are busting with Vitamin C, antioxidants and potassium. When thses two natures goodies combine to flavour and herby Rooh Afza……hmmm refreshingly refresh sharbat/drink is molded. Get ready and beat the summer with this refreshing drink.

Benefits of Sharbat Rooh e Afza

Sharbat Rooh e Afza
Sharbat Rooh e Afza

To protect and treat To maintain

Dehydration (water loss) Nutritional status of the bodyHeat Exhaustion Proper functioning of the heartHeat stroke .
To treat To keep
Fever due to Freshheat exposure ActiveVomiting EnergeticDiarrhoea .Stomach acheBesides the cooling, refreshing and rejuvenating properties, Rooh Afza is noteworthy for its all natural list of ingredients.


How to use Sharbat Rooh e Afza


Each dose of 50 ml contains:
Distillate ofPandanus tectorius 1.75 ml
Distillate of Citrus medica 0.40 ml
Distillate of Rosa damascena 0.30 ml

Distilled extract of
Coriandrum sativum 2.25 ml
Daucus carota 2.25 ml
Portulaca oleracea 2.25 ml
Citrullus vulgaris 2.25 ml
Spinacea oleracea 2.25 ml
Mentha arvensis 2.25 ml
Luffa cylindrica 2.25 ml
Cichorium intybus 2.25 ml

Vitis vinifera 2.25 ml
Vetiveria zizanioides 2.25 ml
Nymphaea nouchalli 2.25 ml
Borago officinalis 2.25 ml
Santalum album 2.25 ml
Parmeliaperlata 2.25 ml
Orange Juice     0.10 ml
Pineapple Juice 0.35 ml
Invert Sugar    Q.S.

Order Sharbat Rooh e Afza

sharbat_rooh_afza in india

You can find Sharbat Rooh e Afza from your local Unani store or Hamdard outlet. If still you are not able to get it please mail & we will send for you.


Contraindication :

There is no known contraindication.

Side effect:

No significant side effect has been observed in proper dosage.


Rooh Afza is exported to 27 countries including the U.A.E, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, UK, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East and European countries.

When to use Rooh Afza
To protect and treat To maintain
Dehydration (water loss) Nutritional status of the body
Heat Exhaustion Proper functioning of the heart
Heat stroke .
To treat To keep
Fever due to Fresh
heat exposure Active
Vomiting Energetic
Diarrhoea .
Stomach ache

When we keep in mind the many qualities of Rooh Afza’s ingredients, described above, it is easy to understand why it has been found to be an exceptionally appropriate summer drink. One that can be depended on to keep body water in balance. But apart from this Rooh Afza has many more therapeutic and nutritional qualities, the important ones of which are:
Rooh Afza as nutrient
In the form of invert sugar, glucose and fructose.

Rooh Afza for essential electrolytes
In the form of sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride and phosphate.

Rooh Afza for retention of body water
In its ability to maintain and finally adjust the body’s water balance due to the presence of electrolytes in balanced quantity.

Roof Afza’s medicinal properties
Which stimulate and correct the function