Sex Timing Liquid Spray

Sex Timing Liquid

Men often orgasm faster than they would actually like. By postponing orgasm, men contribute to better sex for both partners. NightKing Sex Timing Liquid Spray temporarily anesthetists the most sensitive spots of the penis. You reach a climax less rapidly and so you enjoy sex longer. Thanks to NightKing Liquid Spray you will now climax together with your partner, having first enjoyed long-lasting love-making!

Sex Timing Liquid / Spray
Sex Timing Liquid / Spray

Where did the story come from?

Dr W Wallace Dinsmore from Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast and Michael G Wyllie from Plethora Solutions Ltd (the company that makes the PSD502 spray) were co-authors of this study. No sources of funding are reported, one author is a director and shareholder of Plethora Solutions Ltd, while the other is a consultant and investigator for the company. The study was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal BJU International.

How Does It Work?

These sprays contain a medical anesthetic which reduce slightly the sensation of touch. There are also herbal versions but these are useless so don’t waste your money!

The idea is that by a slightly reduced sensation, you can take the “edge” off your hypersensitivity and therefore you can last much longer and are less nervous about your performance.

Application of Sex Timing Spray

Application: Apply 3 or more sprays, do not exceed 10, to the head of penis before intercourse. Correct quantity and time of application will be determined by individual requirements. Generally, spray should be used 3 to 10 times prior to intercourse.


Benefits of Sex Timing Liquid / Spray

Sex Timing Liquid / Spray
Sex Timing Liquid / Spray
Sex Timing Liquid  helps protracting the duration of sexual act and provides a better lovemaking experience for both the partners
Sex Timing Liquid / Spray helps you gain incredible control over ejaculation process.
Sex Timing Liquid / Spray can help achieve multiple episodes in a single night
Sex Timing Liquid / Spray effectively address the causes of premature ejaculation thereby helping them permanently and naturally.
Sex Timing Liquid / Spray boosts your confidence in bed
Sex Timing Liquid / Spray supports stamina, performance, desire and retention power
Sex Timing Liquid / Spray helps you to enjoy pleasurable sexual session
Sex Timing Liquid / Spray strengthens and tones the sexual glands
Sex Timing Liquid / Spray supports the healthy production of sex hormones

Best Sex Timing Liquid

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