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what Asian country has the largest penises? Of the non-southeast Asian countries, Singapore is the largest at 4.54 (officially measured). All of the Asian countries included in the study had officially reported sizes — you have to appreciate their dedication to quality data, even if it reinforces a negative stereotype — so there isn’t a largest self-reported one. (Including southeast Asia, Indonesia is largest at 4.59 inches.)

penis size chart india
penis size chart india

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penis size chart by age
penis size chart by age

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penis size chart by women
penis size chart by women

Penis Size Chart By Age

penis size chart by age From the chart above we can see that Over 55% of men with penis size between 5.5″ to 6.5″, this are result based on survey of 600 people, within age between 19 to 30 in USA. And the length is measured along the head of the penis from tip to abdomen.

During puberty the testicles will first begin to enlarge and the growth of hair will appear around the pubic area. At some stage the length of the penis growth will appear then followed by girth slightly later.For a mature adult, the average size for a non-erect penis is between 3-4 inches.
When a mature adult penis is fully erected it can reach up to an average of 5.5-6.5 inches (see illustration above). Teenage boys will have to wait a further one to two years after they have stopped growing in height before they will be able to clearly know their final penis size.Shown in the study above, it was concluded that after puberty ages the average male penis will continue to grow slightly and will completely stop growing around 29-30 years of age.

Penis Size Chart Girth

From the chart above over 600 men where survey from different ethnic background. Result show clearly shows that African males have longer average erect penis size then their Orientals and Caucasians counterparts.

There was a significant difference in length between African, Caucasians, and Orientals (those from Asia including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese descent). The average flaccid length among African males survey shows the average erected penis length at around 7 inches compared to 5 inches for Oriental males.

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From the result above, it visibly shows that oriental males have short penises, but we have found it has nothing to do with race, but more with the genetic factors and the ethnic group’s diet which adversely effects their build and height of a person. There is evidence of a very slight correlation between penis length and body height. On average oriental males are shorter than African and Caucasians males.

Oriental males are genetically not short; it is primarily the result of traditional Asian diets during childhood and the years of puberty. Most oriental males lack in dairy and protein product contain in meat which are common in western diets. Therefore, these can effect the development of the body as well as the size of the penis.

Penis Size Chart India

Penis Size Chart By Country

big penis size chart

Average penis sized of selected countries in centimetres, Source: The Daily Mail

Republic of Congo – 18

Ecuador – 17.7

Ghana – 17.2

Columbia – 17

Iceland – 16.5

Italy – 15.7

South Africa – 15.2

Sweden – 14.9

Greece – 14.7

Germany – 14.4

New Zealand – 13.9

UK – 13.9

Canada – 13.9

Spain – 13.9

France – 13.4

Australia – 13.2

Russia – 13.2

USA – 12.9

Ireland – 12.7

Romania – 12.7

China – 10.9

India – 10

China – 10

Thailand – 10

South Korea – 9.6

North Korea – 9.6

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Which country’s men self-reported the smallest penises? My favorite thing I found digging through this report? The bottom 26 countries were all officially measured and not self-reported lengths. (Which helps to cast some doubt on the integrity of self-measured data.) And that 26 includes the U.S.

So which countries self-reported the smallest penises? It’s a tie at 5.33 inches between Ethiopia and France. Good for them.

Which country is largest that’s measured by a doctor? The list was put together from several studies and unfortunately, in some cases, relied on men’s self-reported size. Later in this we’ll get into the difference in men’s self-reported size versus actual size, but it’s significant.

Anyway, I’d like to assume all of the studies that used self-reported data figured out some kind of coefficient to truthify the data, but I have no idea what kind of dog-and-pony penis measuring show they’re running in Cuba or Burkina Faso.

So here are the 11 largest countries where men actually got measured: Ecuador (7)… Colombia (6.7)… Venezuela (6.7)… Cameroon (6.56)… Brazil (6.34)… Haiti (6.3)… Senegal (6.26)… Gambia (6.25)… the Netherlands (6.25)… Egypt (6.18)… and Zimbabwe (6.17)