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IH3 & IH4 are the world’s first penis enlargement ,male enhancement package to combine safe, natural and effective ingredients into its unique 2-in-1 male enhancement package which treats overall sexual problem both internally & externally. No other male enhancement supplement uses our proprietary 2-in-1 formula to achieve the 100% safe, chemical free permanent experience!

Naturally supplement rich, IH3 & IH4 provides you with a safe chemical free alternative to boost your overall sexual health.*

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IH3 & IH4 are considered by many of its users to be an effective natural male enhancement product and a great alternative to pharmaceutical brands! The all-natural ingredients found in our medicine have been used for centuries as a natural method for increasing male libido, vigor and stamina in one form or another. By using only the most potent herbal extracts, IH3 use is known to potentially provide the following benefits:

  • Increase nutritional compounds, which can affect sexual performance and overall well being *
  • Promote rises in Testosterone levels, which is associated to an increased Sex Drive*

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By combining powerful herbal extracts like Asgandh, Aqar qarah, Satawar, Kaunch, Musli safeed, Mallkangni and Daar cheeni, IH3 is formulated to provide powerful and fast acting nutrients that are known to support and stimulate male enhancement. The combined ingredients in IH3 are known to work in helping users* improve strength, sexual stamina, and also provides the necessary compounds that has the potential to increase semen volume. IH3 combines male enhancement and semen volume into a simple and easy to use pill!

Over 77% of women declare that they would prefer a thicker and larger penis.
An average of 69% said that they are not satisfied by their partner’s penis size
Nearly 85.7% of all male participants would use a penis enlargement method if they knew a way to do it

Introducing IH3 & IH4
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Stronger, Fuller and Harder Erections So you and your partner can enjoy longer and more exciting love making. No need to worry about finishing too early or getting soft.

Increased Sex Drive With age men lose the ability to be ready all the time. By taking IH3 you can turn back the clock and have a great time day or night.

Increased Blood Flow Enjoy more intense and longer lasting orgasms.

Support Sexual Health. Improve your libido, sexual function and overall sexual satisfaction.

Living with a small and non-thick penis can be devastating to a man for more than one reason. He lacks a certain feeling of self-confidence with this problem and many areas of life will begin to suffer. For years men have been dealing with this problem. Making excuses for their poor sexual performance, avoiding intimate contact with the women they love and often times sinking into a deep depression that is hard to break.

Why should the men of the world continue to do this kind of thing? The answers they have been looking for are right in front of them and all they need to do is make sure they find the best solution for them. Your sexual health is of vital importance.

Rs. 1500 for 1 pack of each.

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L-Arginine- Plays a major role in sexual function as the precursor for the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide (NO) is a key biological mediator of erection and arousal in humans, through its effects on smooth muscles and blood vessels & helps in penis enlargement.

Panax ginseng– Is also reputed to have aphrodisiac qualities. Ginseng’s role in IH3, however, may be due to its promotion of NO release through enhancement of the NO synthesis enzyme.

Ginkgo Biloba– Has been used for centuries in support of blood circulation and mental focus. It has also been shown, in and of itself, to help promote sexual function, particularly among patients on antidepressants.

Furthermore, ginkgo, like ginseng, stimulates NO release through NO synthase, suggesting the possibility of synergism in the combination of L-arginine, ginseng and ginkgo.

Vitamins A, C and E– Are included as antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage. These vitamins are also involved in reproductive processes.

The B-vitamins– Are important to the functions of hundreds of enzymes and support a wide variety of physiologic processes including energy metabolism, neurologic function and DNA synthesis.

Selenium– Plays a major role in the control of oxygen metabolism, supports antioxidant and immune defenses, and is involved in reproductive function.

Zinc – Is important for many physiologic processes, including cell growth, protein and nucleic acid synthesis, immune defenses, fertility, prostate health and reproduction also helps in penis enlargement.

As you can see from the impressive list of specialized ingredients, they will help you to increase your sex drive and stamina, drastically increase your blood flow to assist getting rock hard and long lasting erections and increase the amount of semen your body produces for much more intense orgasms. In other words… not only will YOU enjoy sex every time, you’ll have the ability to totally satisfy your partner.

Safed Musli has very good Ayurvedic medicinal use & known as best herb for secual & penis enlargement benefits.. It is rich source of over 25 alkaloids, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, steroid, seponins and polysaccharides etc.

A number of Health tonics (Sexual tonics) are prepared from Safed Musli. It is essential part of a traditional diet of mothers (after delivery) in the form of Laddoos. Efforts in countries like USA and England are also on to convert it into chips to use it as a nutritious breakfast. On the other hand, Safed Musli is a safe and effective drug, with similar benefits and without any side-effects.

Safed Musli is a traditional medicinal plant. Its tubers roots are used in ayurvedic medicines. Roots are used for the preparation of nutritive tonic used in general sexual weakness. There is a vast demand of Safed Musli all over the world.

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IH3 Formula

IH4 Content

Usage Detail

IH3 is available in pack of 90 capsules.
Asgandh – Winter cherry
Satawar – Asparaqus
Beheman surkh – Salivahaemotodes
Beheman safeed – Salivahaemotodes
Aqar qarah – Pelittory root pyrethrum
Singhara – Gprus taberosus medows
Kaunch – Spaisinosha
Musli safeed – Murcannnia seapiflora
Tukhme tamar hindi – Tramina
Beejband – Sida cardif seeds
Taalmakhhana – Steecanthe
Zeera Safeed – Carum
Tudri Surkh – Wall Flovar
Aspand – Senko pignum , harmal
Saras – Black paper
Filfil siyah – Black peper
Kalunji – Black cumin
Mallkangni – Staff tree
Daar cheeni – Cinnamomum
Barhami – Bacopa monnieri
IH4 is available in pack of 50ml.

Raugan Till – Gingeli ceeds Oil
Raugan Raai – Mustered Oill
Raugan kharateen – EarthwormOil
Raugan baize-e-murg – Egg Oil
Raugan Malkangni – Staff tree Oil
Raugan DaarcheeniCinnamomum
Raugan Laung – Eugenta cory Ophyllata Oil

3 capsules a day.
1 in morning after breakfast & 2 at night after dinner with full glass of water.

Oil is to be rubbed & massage gently on penis for 4 to 5 minutes at night & wash in morning.

Yes you can have sex after some time.