Penis Enlargement Extender & Devices in India

What is a penis extender?

Penis extender is a traction device which apply a constant traction force on the penis, specifically the erectile tissue named corpora cavernosa. During an erection, this tissue fills with blood, giving hardness to the penis.

What is the principal behind?

The foundation of them is old – The same as hanging by weight. When applying a constant force along the penis on an extended period of time, tissues and cells respond and adapt to the new environment by multiplication of cells, resulting in penis enlargement. Thus, the problem of micropenis can also be cured.

When comparing extenders to weight hanging or other traction methods, you can find that penile extenders are more regulated. The force is measurable and controllable so that it is within the safe zone.

In the process of improving the health, girth and length of one’s penis, one of the safest and cost effective ways of doing it is through the use of any traction-based device like the penis extender. Before engaging in this process, it is advised that one should have a good knowledge of the different types of penis extenders in order to make an appropriate choice that would suit one’s penis.
Manufacturers, of course, have unique business challenges. They must compete in a global economy and find lean and cost-effective processes to bring their products to market and manage their supply chains. At the same time, they must deal with corporate policies and strategies, and a seemingly endless stream of government regulations. To make matters worse, many manufacturers have to compete in a retail sector overrun by competing brands, each one attempting to capture the hearts and minds of retail sales staff. As these staff work for the retailers and not the manufacturers, how do you ensure your message is front and center and your goods are the ones they instinctively reach for?

The answer lies in the Extended Enterprise solution. Providing a platform for the creation of a sustainable and scalable knowledge network, such a network helps manufacturers to efficiently sell and support their products. How? Let’s take a look at business as usual.

Number 4: Vimax Extender

I find the Vimax extender painful to endure, particularly for extended periods of time. The tip on the extender squeezes my member, which is rather uncomfortable. The cost is not inexpensive as well. The Vimax extender is basically the same as the Jes Extender in design, and it can be bought at a cheaper cost. For these rationalities, I don’t advise purchasing Vimax.

Number 3: Jes Extender
The Jes Extender is designed similar to the Vimax. This product also cuts off blood circulation and causes pain while wearing the product. Luckily, if you can afford to upgrade to the Silver or Gold package, you will be presented with a strap that is designed for comfort for your penis where you will not feel as much pain.

The Jes Extender has a poor refund policy. You may only receive a full refund only after a full three months after purchase and as long as you have not worn the Jes Extender.

Number 2: FastSize Extender
The FastSize Extender is the only product that offers a forum support for their customers. They regularly monitor customer feedback to ensure a better product for their customers.

The FastSize Extender if a lot more comfortable to wear than the Vimax and Jes Extenders.
You will receive a full 100% money back guarantee if you send in “after” and “before” pictures of your penis. One other way to ear a free FastSize Extender is to earn points in their forums by constant participation.

Number 1: SizeGenetics Extender
The number one choice for extenders is the SizeGenetics Extender. The SizeGenetics Extender is by far, the most comfortable to wear compared to the other three. Also, you can receive a full 100% money back guarantee within six months of purchase. All you have to do as ask, so it’s a win situation for the customer. Another reason the FastSize Extender is rated number one is because of all the free extras that you receive: penis enlargement exercises and a sex guide DVD are just to name a few.

What can penile extenders do?

Penis enlargement
Cure micropenis
Cure premature ejaculation
Cure bent penis
Improve sexual satisfaction