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Penis Squeeze

Penis squeeze exercises
Penis squeeze exercises

For most women girth is more important than length for sexual satisfaction. That’s because the first two inches of the vaginal tract contain the most nerve endings and a thick penis is required to stimulate this area. The penis squeeze technique increases girth for thicker erections!

The squeeze is a special exercise to increase girth. Within weeks of starting these you will start to notice a difference! To perform this exercise you need to achieve a full erection (there is no need for lubrication with this one).

a. Long Penis Squeeze Grasp your penis at the base with thumb and first finger as far into your body as possible. Kegel Exercise hard and then squeeze so that blood is forced up the shaft and your penis is fully engorged (the veins along your penis will be bulging and the head will actually look glossy when done correctly).

Hold this position for a count of 30. You can move your hand forward up to an inch to increase pressure while you count. After 30 seconds release your grip and shake out your penis for a few seconds. Then achieve another full erection and repeat.

During each squeeze you should contract your PC muscles to get the maximum force of blood. This exercise gives you maximum pressure to your penis so you must be careful. You want to force as much blood in as possible without doing damage.

Keep alert for any signs of pain or little red spots. The spots are tiny burst capillaries and are harmless just stop the exercise until they disappear (usually a couple of days). Then ease up on the pressure and start again slowly.

b. Short Penis Squeeze Grasp your penis at the base with thumb and first finger as far into your body as possible. Kegel Exercise hard and then squeeze and milk up the penis shaft about an inch so that blood is forced up the shaft and your penis is fully engorged. Release and encircle your penis around the base again immediately, Kegel Exercise hard and repeat. This should be performed like a short Jelqing move.

Rotate using both the long and short squeeze methods in each workout at first. Both are equally effective so if you find you prefer one method over go ahead and use it but switch to the other method once in a while for variety.

Penis Stretch

You don’t need surgery to lengthen the ligaments attaching the penis to the pubic bone. The following simple stretching exercises will help you achieve a longer penis without cutting and mutilating your penis!

a. Soft This exercise will help lengthen your penis and stretch the ligaments attaching penis to pubic bone. You should be about half erect for this exercise as a partially engorged penis is more pliable and easier to work.

  • Encircle your penis with thumb and first finger behind the head. Pull at a downward angle for a count of 30.
  • While pulling perform the PC quick flex exercise.
  • After the 30 count grab your penis at the base and shake quickly 20 or 30 times to relax it.
  • Repeat this sequence pulling to the right, left and then straight out. When pulling straight out perform the PC long flex instead of the short.
  • Repeat the sequence of pulls.

When first starting the amount of pulling pressure should be light. Increase pressure as you advance so that by the fifth week you are straining with exertion to get a good stretch (but not to the point of pain). A good way to get extra leverage as you advance is to sit in a chair and grab your penis with thumb and first finger. With the other three fingers grab the end of the chair and pull. Kegel Exercise hard while doing this exercise. You can get a great stretch this way!

– Advanced variation: Ligament massage. While you have your penis pulled straight out, use the thumb of your free hand to press down and out on the ligaments at the very base of your penis. Be very careful not to apply too much pressure and injure yourself.

This technique gives an incredible stretch to the ligaments that suspend the penis from the pubic bone. After a few weeks you can use this technique in the shower. The hot water will aid in achieving maximum stretching!

b. Hard The idea here is to directly stretch the ligaments attaching your penis to the pubic bone. First you must achieve a full erection. Grasp your penis around the shaft and push it down as far as possible. Next you want to pull it down with force and release for about twenty reps. This is a quick pull-release, pull-release type movement that is really a series of downward jerks. After twenty pulls apply a constant pulling force with no release in pressure for a count of 30. Release the pressure and shake your penis to release tension. Repeat this exercise to the left and right sides. You will need to regain an erection first. Remember to do your Kegel Exercises with each stretch!

Jelq Exercise

Jelq penis exercises
Jelq penis exercises

The jelqing exercise has been claimed as a “mystical Asian art” by some or “an ancient Arabic tradition handed down father to son” by others. Whatever the truth, you must do this exercise exactly right for it to work!

Jelq works by forcing more blood into the penile chambers than they would normally accept during an erection, and by stretching the penile tissues. Over time these tissues will expand to accommodate the larger volumes of blood.

When performed correctly this important exercise will work to increase both your length and width. You will also see an increase in vascularity and erection strength.

To perform Jelq, achieve an erection about 80% hard (it is important to have an almost but not quite full erection for this exercise). Having a partial erection during Jelq is the second key step to enlargement success. Your penis should be almost to erect size but still flexible.

Apply a generous amount of lubrication to your member (you can use hand lotion, baby oil, olive oil, whatever works best for you). Grasp the penis at its base with your thumb and first finger encircling it in an OK sign. Your hand position can be palm facing up from underneath the penis with the thumb over the top or hand over the top of the penis palm facing down with the thumb encircling under. Start with whichever is most comfortable to you. Push your hand towards the head of your penis applying enough pressure to force blood forward toward the head. Release and immediately repeat with your other hand.

Continue to switch hands as you perform the exercise. Each Jelq stroke should last about 3 seconds. This should be a slow, steady and powerful movement. You should be able to see your penis expanding to its limits as you push blood up the shaft. Don’t worry about counting strokes you will be milking for the time periods described later. You will probably need to take short breaks while Jelqing to rest your hands or regain a partial erection.

The Workout Schedule

The most important thing to consider for a workout schedule is how your penis feels. In other words, if your libido is high and your penis is getting good blood flow then workout. If your penis is sore and erection quality is down, don’t work out until things improve. You won’t make progress if you work your penis exercises when it’s not in a healthy state!

That’s another reason to use the supplements I talk about (specifically topical DHT, but the others will also help). You will recover better and can workout more frequently. That being said, here is a workout schedule you can follow to get started. But remember, if your penis does feel fully recovered don’t exercise it!

Don’t forget to take accurate measurements before you start so you can measure your size increases!

Week 1: Begin using topical DHT. Just squeeze out a bead an inch or two long along the penis shaft and rub in. Use this twice a day. After a week of applying DHT you can start the exercises. Continue to use DHT

Week 2: Stretches for 5 minutes, the squeeze for 5 minutes and Jelq for 10 min. You should be very gentle this first week and let your penis tissue adapt to the new stresses of the routine. Workout Mon/Wed/Fri.

Week 3: Stretches for 5 minutes, squeeze for 5 minutes and the Jelq for 15 minutes. Increase the pressure for all exercises. Remember if you feel pain you are applying too much force. Work in ligament massage during stretching. Workout Mon/Wed/Fri.

Week 4: Perform the soft stretch for 10 minutes, the squeeze for 10 minutes and the Jelq for 20 min. You should be applying maximum pressure to all exercises but be careful! There should be no pain at any time. Also if you see any tiny red dots appear on your penis decrease the force you are using. The spots are tiny burst capillaries that will go away but are signs to ease up. Work in ligament massage during stretching. Workout 4 to 5 days a week. You need off days to recoup.

Week 5: Perform the stretch for 15 minutes, the squeeze for 15 minutes and the Jelq for 30 min. Start off the stretch with the hard method for one or two rotations and then move to the soft method. Remember to Kegel Exercise! You should be going for maximum intensity with each workout. Work in ligament massage during stretching.

After the fourth week try working out Sun/Mon/Tue and Thu/Fri with Wed and Sat off. Or go five days straight with two days off (for example Mon-Fri on with the weekend off). You may be tempted to workout everyday but you need days off to recouperate.

High intensity short workouts with adequate rest will give you the most gains with the least amount of time out of your day. This is far more effective than low resistance type exercises that take up hours out of each day and years to show results if any. It is very important to keep using the heat applying methods described earlier to maximize gains and prevent injury!

Size Maintenance

After a lot of experimentation, I found a simple routine that has allowed me to keep my new penis size with just a few short workouts a week. You can start using this routine when you are satisfied with your current gains and no longer want more size but want to keep what you have.

You can always go back to the regular routine at a later time if you decide to get even bigger!

Penis Size Maintenance Routine:

Exercises: Three times per week in hot shower if possible:

  • 5 to 12 minutes of forceful Jelqing
  • Combined with 5 minutes of Kegel Exercise exercise.
  • After every 20 Jelqs pull down on your penis and use your thumb to press down and out on the ligaments at the base of the shaft.

You can combine all of these exercises into one super exercise to save time. As you Jelq do your Kegel Exercises. Every 20 repetitions or so pause to pull down on the penis head and from the top press down on the ligaments at the base of your penis. This will keep them from retracting to a shorter length.

I also like to do this routine in the shower because you will be maximally warmed up and the penile tissues pliable. This allows high intensity without injury.

Supplements: After you’ve reached your goals, you should be able to cut down on supplement use for penis size maintenance. How much to cut down can be tricky and probably varies per individual.

I had made my best gains using penis supplements 3 times a day along with the exercises. But for size maintenance I wanted to reduce this as much as possible to save money.

I quickly found if I stopped taking supplements altogether there was a decrease in libido and erection strength within a few days.

But at one pill a day erections remained big and strong. Often I skip a day with no adverse effects. And once in a while I’ll load up if I want to be especially virulent that night!

So try less pills per day or skipping days. Trial and error will soon tell you what works best. You will learn to “feel” if you are maintaining well or need to boost supplement intake and adjust accordingly.

I also believe every couple of months you should take a week off from all supplements. This is to help prevent any possible tolerance building up and lessening the effects of the supplements.

This routine should allow you to maintain your penis size increases while freeing up your time. It will also help you retain good blood flow to the penis and keep erections strong as you age. Good luck!



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