Jawarish Shahi

Jawarish Shahi

Jawarish Shahi Ingredients: 
Murabba Halela, Murabba Amla, Kishneez Khushk, Elaichi Khurd, Arq Bed Mushk, Qand Safaid.
Indications of Jawarish Shahi: 
Cardiac and Brain tonic. Relieves throbbing and restlessness.
Dosage for Jawarish Shahi:
5 – 10 Grams to be taken in the morning before breakfast.
Packing of Jawarish Shahi : 125 grams.
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Useful in perplexity, palpitation and restlessness. Potentiates functioning of heart, brain and digestive system. Useful in relieving acidity.
Each dose of 5 g contains:
Elettaria cardamomum (Heel Khurd) 52.63 mg
Coriandrum sativum (Kishniz) 210.53 mg
Emblica officinale (Preserve) (Morabba Amla) 1.052 g
Terminalia chebula (Preserve) (Morabba Halela) 1.052 g
Sugar (Qand) 2.631 g
Aqua Borago officinalis (Arq Gaozaban) q.s.
Preservative q.s.

Elettaria cardamomum benefits:

elettaria cardamomum ilaichi health benefits
elettaria cardamomum ilaichi health benefits
  • colic
  • bedwetting
  • freshening the breath after eating garlic
  • kidneys and bladder
  • detoxifies caffeine
  • fighting infections
  • anorexia
  • asthma
  • digestion
  • antispasmodic




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