Jawarish Kamuni Akbar

Jawarish Kamuni Akbar

Ingredients Jawarish Kamuni Akbar:
Darchini, Bura Surkh, Filfil Safaid, Filfil Siyah, Sudab Khushk, Murabba Sonth, Zeera Kirmani Mudabbir, Murabba Halela, Gulqand, Qand Safaid, Shahad.
Indications Jawarish Kamuni Akbar:
Excretes the gases, relieves constipation and maintains the digestive system. Stomachache, Flatulence.
It is a famous Unani Liker for belching Unpleasantness, indigestion, stomachache, and acidity. It is very important for creation of hunger. Very efficacious for kidney therefore it is having better effects than medicine no. 17. 5 to 10 grams medicine to be taken with water in the afternoon and evening after consumption of food.

Jawarish Kamuni Akbar for constipation
Jawarish Kamuni Akbar for constipation
Dosage Jawarish Kamuni Akbar:
5 – 10 grams to be taken twice a day with water after meals.
Jawarish Kamuni Akbar Packing: 125 grams
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Each dose of 5 g contains:
Armenian Bol (Bura Armani) 29.07 mg
Piper nigrum (Filfil Siah) 174.42 mg
Zingiber officinale (Zanjbil) 232.56 mg
Ruta graveolens (Berge Suddab) 232.56 mg
Carum carvi (Zeera Siah Mudabbar Biryan) 581.39 mg
Sugar (Qand) 3.750 g
Preservative q.s.
f your first instinct when you’re constipated is to reach for the laxatives, chances are you don’t need one. The best way to get “regular” again is to eat more fibre, drink more fluids and exercise.


Consumption Fix it with fibre

  • Start off the day with a high-fibre bran cereal. Some brands contain as much as 14 grams of insoluble fibre, the kind that adds bulk to stool. If you’re new to the whole fibre thing, start off with a smaller serving to prevent gas, bloating and cramping.
  • Fill up on dried beans, prunes, figs, pears and oatmeal. These foods are also all high in soluble fibre.
  • Mix one to two teaspoons of psyllium seeds into a cup of hot water. Let it sit for two hours, add lemon and honey, then drink.
  • Flaxseeds are high in fibre and also contain heart-healthy omega-3 fats. Take one tablespoon of the ground seeds two or three times a day. You can also add it your morning cereal or smoothie.
  • As you increase your intake of fibre be sure to drink lots of water—at least 8 glasses a day.



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