How to Increase Sex Drive Naturally

How to Increase Sex Drive Naturally

How to Increase Sex Drive Naturally
How to Increase Sex Drive Naturally

As men get older, we may notice a significant decrease in sexual appetite in ourselves or our significant other.The loss of libido may signify loss of attraction, bad health, decreased testosterone and other hormonal issues, andropause or more serious problems such as erectile dysfunction.For most men, a decreased desire for sex is a combination of poor habits, health issues and time-cramped lifestyles. The good news is that there are ways to help increase your libido naturally without drugs and without seeking medical attention. However, to naturally increase your waning libido, you’ll need to commit to the necessary steps.

Stress and over-work are the most common causes of reduced sex drive. Avoid caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol and above all, try to relax and switch off Poor diet; if you’re not getting enough vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids hormone imbalances may arise and have a big effect on your libido. Consuming too many carbohydrates raises serotonin which will further lower your sex drive. Excessive alcohol consumption reduces testosterone production.

How to Increase Sex Drive with herbs

How to Increase Sex Drive Naturally
How to Increase Sex Drive Naturally

Exercise to Increase Libido
Aerobic exercise performed 15-30 minutes each day on a regular basis is proven to increase libido in men naturally. What positive results will you get when doing aerobic exercise regularly?

  1. Streamlining the flow of blood to every organs of body, include genital organ.
  2. According to a research, after exercise a human body will produce more endorphins (a type of peptide that works on the brain). With higher levels of endorphins, a human mood will be better.
  3. A few hours after aerobic exercise, found elevated levels of testosterone (a hormone of reproduction). A man with higher testosterone levels will feel more confident and feel sexier.
  4. Aerobic exercise increases a heart’s ability and flexibility of the muscles of body.
    1. Watermelon — Watermelon is rich with citrulline, an amino acid that helps improve blood flow to the heart and genitalia, as well as to the rest of the body.

      Citrulline is highly effective at relaxing blood vessels, producing an effect similar to drugs like Viagra. Result: Increased blood flow to your sexual organs.

      One note: citrulline is actually found in higher concentrations in watermelon rind than in the flesh, but there’s still plenty citrulline in the delicious flesh to make eating it worthwhile.

    2. Dark Chocolate — Long rumored to be an aphrodisiac, a 2006 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that women who ate chocolate on a daily basis had higher sexual function than those who didn’t. That’s because dark chocolate contains both serotonin, which boosts your mood, and phenylethylamine, which mimics the brain chemistry of a person in love.
    3. Asparagus — Asparagus is rich in folate, a B vitamin that helps increase your production of histamine. Proper levels of histamine play an essential role in sex drive for both men and women.

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  1. Oysters — Oysters are packed full of zinc, essential for testosterone production and the maintenance of healthy sperm. Of course, you could just take a zinc supplement, but it’s not nearly as tasty!

    Oysters also boost dopamine, a hormone which results in increased libido in both men and women.

  2. Pumpkin seeds — Like oysters, pumpkin seeds are also extremely rich in zinc, and quite a bit cheaper. Another important note: Zinc deficiency can make a woman completely lose her sex drive.

    Pumpkin seeds are also rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids, which act as a precursor of prostaglandins—hormone-like substances that play a key role in sexual health.

  3. Garlic — Sure, it’ll do a number on your breath, but garlic also contains allicin, an compound thought to increase blood flow to the sexual organs.

Ways to Increase Sex Drive

How to Increase Sex Drive Naturally
How to Increase Sex Drive Naturally

Stop Drinking and Smoking!

Although drinking is believed to loosen people up, it actually inhibits a lot of the sensation of sex, meaning that you get the sex, but it’s not as satisfying. And smoking cuts down on your lung capacity, makes you smell bad and makes you sick; all of which is not conducive to good sex. If you need alcohol to loosen up, try a bit of wine and snuggling instead of drinking contests. And cigarettes have no place in a good sex life, no matter what you hear about needing one after sex! Recreational drugs fall into this as well; drugs lead to things like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and lowered libido in women.

Medicine to Increase Sex Drive

medicine to Increase Sex Drive Naturally
medicine to Increase Sex Drive Naturally


Regular exercise you need to understand that can lead to low testosterone levels over both the lack of physical activity and fitness. The ideal time to workout is 45-60 minutes in a single routine. Than anything, suppress the production of testosterone in your body that your body begins to decrease cortisol production. Check out also best beds for sex.

Reduce Stress – Stress is a feeling of guilt, is one of the major psychological factors that affect your sex drive and testosterone levels in addition to negative emotions such as anxiety and depression. In a relaxed state of mind is very important for your elevating your sex drive. You maybe interested in male enhancement institute.

Good night sleep – good sleep is going to help your sex drive increase substantially.