Foods for sexual health of man

Best Food for Sex and Love – Foods To Increase Libido

A good sex life doesn’t just happen – it requires a little help, which means a balanced and nutrients diet combined with regular moderate exercise and a positive attitude. These are all key elements in helping to keep your sex drive high and your reproductive system in good working order. It cannot be ignored that there are certain nutrients which have the power to regulate the levels of sex hormones in your body, and some can even help to protect your reproductive system from the potentially damaging effects of infection or disease.

Best Food for Sex and Love
Best Food for Sex and Love

Spinach and Other Green Vegetables

Unsweetened Tea

Peaches and Other Fruit


Red Wine and Meat

Seeds and Nuts

Beans and Extra Protein

Fatty Fish

Oatmeal and Other Whole Grains

Dark Chocolate

Strawberries and Other Berries

Speaking of Food and SexThe language we use to describe sex and food is very similar. In The Rituals of Dinner (p. 18), food anthropologist Margaret Visser describes a meal as a ritual in which “desires are aroused and fulfilled.” We speak of fat, in particular, with sexual connotation—words like “juicy,” “tender,” “satisfying,” “greasy,” “soft,” “great mouth-feel.” In popular culture, the semantic commonality and double entendres are even more pronounced. A T-shirt sold in New Orleans, for example, displays a picture of a Louisiana oyster with the words “Eat me raw” (Schell, p. 203). The pages of women’s magazines are largely filled with articles on food or sex with a typical headline reading “The Next Best Thing to Sex is . . . Chocolate.” Advertising plays on sensuality in promoting acquisition of food products.


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