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  • Majun Anjeer

    Majun Anjeer Ingredients of Majun Anjeer: Post Halela Zard, Turbud Safaid, Saqmoniya, Sana Makki, Gule Surkh, Injeer Zard, Maveez Munaqqa, Qiwam Shakar. Indications for using Majun Anjeer: It is helpful in removing chronic constipation. Dosage of Majun Anjeer:  10 grams to be taken at bed time with water or milk. Packing of Majun Anjeer by […]

  • Majun Hamal Ambari Alvi Khani

    Majun Hamal Ambari Alvi Khani Ingredients of Majun Hamal Ambari Alvi Khani:  Agar. Burada Sandal Surkh. Burada Sandal Safaid. Banslochan. Beikh Anjabar. Tukhm Khurfa Siyah. Daronaj Aqrabi. Ood Saleeb. Gile Armani. Mazoo Sabz. Maghz Tukhm Tarbooz. Busud Ahmar Muharriq Mehlool. Marwareed Mehlool. Abresham Muqarraz. Qiwam Shakar. Sharbat Ghaura. Sat Leemun. Ambar. Natroon Banjawi. Warq Tila. […]

  • Jawarish Zaruni Ambari

    Jawarish Zaruni Ambari Ingredients of Jawarish Zaruni Ambari: Ajwain Desi, Agar Hindi, Inderjo Shirin, Badiyan, Bozidan, Behman Surkh, Beikh Karafs, Peepal Kalan, Peepla Mool, Tukhm Ispist, Tukhm Utangan, Tukhm Piyaz, Tukhm Jirjir, Tukhm Soya Tukhm Shalgham, Tukhm Karafs, Tukhm Gazar, Tukhm Gandana, Tukhm Kataili, Tukhm Hanzal, Salab Misri, Jaiphal, Chiraita Shirin, Chhuhara, Chironji, Habbe Qilqil, […]

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  • Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Causes & Medicine in India

    Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Causes & Medicine in India Erectile Dysfunction in Hindi – ?????? ??? Erectile dysfunction (ED) can have many causes, such as other medical conditions, certain medications and stress related (psychological) issues. To understand more about the possible causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) it is useful to understand how erections occur. Erections When a man becomes sexually […]

  • Penis Size Chart India Penis Size Chart By Country

    Penis Size Chart what Asian country has the largest penises? Of the non-southeast Asian countries, Singapore is the largest at 4.54 (officially measured). All of the Asian countries included in the study had officially reported sizes — you have to appreciate their dedication to quality data, even if it reinforces a negative stereotype — so […]

  • Natural Penis Enlargement

    Natural Penis Enlargement Natural penis enlargement exercises & medicine have been in existence for thousands of years in India & Africa. There is a good reason for this, it is because they work without any side effect. If you are looking for a safe, reliable and guaranteed way to increase the girth and length of […]

  • Weight Loss Foods & Diet

    Weight Loss Foods & Diet One of the main reasons people gain weight is they eat more calories than their body needs. And this is so easy to do if you consistently eat the wrong foods. Many people are totally unaware of how calorie dense some foods actually are. In particular junk foods, fast foods, […]

  • Weight Loss Tips Weight Loss Diets

    Weight Loss Tips Weight Loss Diets Blood pressure level depends on systemic vascular resistance and cardiac output. Body’s cardiac output is a reflection of stroke volume, a measure of blood volume pumped by the heart and heart rate (HR). Cardiac output of the body increases with increase in weight and leads to hypertension. Abdominal obesity, […]

  • Penis Enlargement Oil

    Penis Enlargement Oil There is much to be said about penis enlargement oils but I will try to just address the essentials. Topical oils work on the same concept as many other penile enhancement products, they stimulate blood flow to the penis. The effects vary from product to product. Some cause general stimulation and increased […]