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Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a widespread sexual problem observed in men worldwide. It is commonly amongst men of all ages.

Premature ejaculation is a condition when a man ejaculates within 2 minutes. Premature ejaculation can cause awkwardness, guilt and frustration. It also acts as a hurdle to your relationship.

Be proactive & overcome Premature Ejaculation - Gain control in ejaculation time with IH2 & Labub e Kabir.

Take Control over your sex life and become the Stud that Women.


premature ejaculation

• Delays ejaculation up to 20 minutes
• Powerful & intense orgasms
• Promotes harder and longer-lasting erections
• Controls anxiety and hyper-activity
• Improves virility
• Fights stress and depression


IH2 has been originally produced as a mix of the natural herbs that let you all forget about rapid ejaculation, and due to being made from natural constituents, you don’t need any prescriptions or visits to the physician of the kind.

IH2 is a revolutionary new solution in herbal sphere and it is positioned as the most promoted premature ejaculation pills on the globe. Once you get to take this thing, you will do it at least 2 to 5 times longer, and will never go hot shooting in the same way. It will start working in the course of the first week. And normally after going through 3-month course, that problem of yours will be solved forever. Sometimes one has to repeat 3-month course of therapy.

Rapid ejaculation is that kind of problem that men are not eager to discuss all over the world, and researches say that about 30% of males go ’cumming’ during the first 3 minutes of copulation. Sometimes men do it right after getting into vagina, and sometimes even earlier. This fact is usually extremely destructive for any man’s confidence and normally affects relationships in the most negative way. Rapid ejaculation makes men fall in depression and if a female is unpleased with sex life, she will leave the one sooner or later anyway.

There have been made international surveys in 2001, of all men between 25-45, and they showed that males that are not afflicted by PE, and can make sex for much longer than 1-2 times for a night, are capable of holding love-come-down in the way that PE-diagnosed males never can. Why so?

The hormones are normally produced in one’s flesh by the sexual adrenalization, and all of them are pushed into the blood circulation. It all happens rather gradually, and it speeds up with the increase of the sexual drive. Those who are afflicted by the PE have a very swift torrent of hormones into the organism, and that is why love-come-down happens that quickly as well.

IH2 is the best endorsement of the proper love-making ability through impacting on the hypothalamic sensors of cerebrum that control sexual libido. When it reduces a very high activity to acceptable level, it assists you in continuing the period of love-making and provides you with charge over cumming process.

Clinical experiments on the ill people have been carried out, and they testified an almost 92% success index.

Influences on the genitals.
Manages cumming procedure.
Harder and more ’productive’ climaxes and orgasms.
Top firm erections.

After you start taking these premature ejaculation pills, you won’t lose sensibility or anything of the kind, but your sexual gratification and orgasm will hit all records after all.

Forget about rapid ejaculation forever! Get these premature ejaculation pills, and your sexual function will come to the norm at any rate! Bring your sex under full control, and reach new heights in the love-making.



Rs. 1500 for 1 pack of each.
Rs. 750 for 1 pack of IH2.

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IH2 Formula

IH2 is available in pack of 90 capsules.
Beheman surkh - Salivahaemotodes
Beheman safeed - Salivahaemotodes
Asgandh - Winter cherry
Kaunch - Spaisinosha
Satawar - Asparaqus
Tukhme tamar hindi - Tramina
Aqar  qaraha - Pelittory root pyrethrum
Tudri surkh - Wall flovar
Tudri safeed - Wall flovar
Ziraha Siyah - carum
Beejaband - Sida cardif seeds
Singhara - Gprus taberosus medows
maalkangni - Staff tree
Filfil siyah - Black peper
Filfil safaid - Black peper
Musli safeed - Murcannnia seapiflora
Kalunji - Black cumin
Taalmakhana - Steecanthe
Daar cheeni - Cinnamomum
panpadana - Cotton seeds
Tabasheer - Bamboo manna
Peepal kalan - Long pepper
Tukhme gazar - Carrot
Salab misri - Salep
Sunth - Ginger
khulanjan - Galangal
Tukhme piyaz - Indain squl
Ajwain khurasani - Hyosmamus
Nagkesar - Mesua ferrea
Shakakul - Asparayus
Inder joshirin - Sweet inderjo
Javetri - Mace
jarjeer - Rocket
Qaranfal - Clove

Labub e Kabir Content

Labube e Kabir is available in pack of 150gms.


Usage Detail

3 capsules a day.
1 in morning after breakfast & 2 at night after dinner with full glass of water.

Labube e Kabir is Chewan Parash like jelly is to be taken half tea spoon internally before breakfast.